There are many ways to identify yourself. Simple visual stimulus is very helpful when getting people to remember you’re there. I have many years design experience and have designed many posters and logos in my time. Here are some examples:

Transition Hereford
Mandorla Co-Housing
The Vaguen Society
Mandorla Co-Housing

A title

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A title

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Transition Hereford
Transition Hereford:
Local arm of global ‘Transition’ Movement.
Mandorla Co-Housing
Mandorla Co-Housing:
Preliminary design for local co-housing group logo.
The Vaguen Society
The Vaguen Society:
Oddly humourous sideways non-religion.
Painted People
Painted People:
Facepainting and Bodyart.
Small raw chocolate business.
Brock Arts Collective
Brock arts collective:
Local arts group.


1st Monday of the Month
1st Monday
of the Month
Transition Hereford showing a series of films about green issues and more.
The Truth About Money
The Truth
About Money
Presentation on our current system of debt-based money supply.
We Love Our Bus
We Love
Our Bus
Local campaign against the radical cuts in available bus services.
Brighton drum circle.
Lewes fund-raiser.
TETRA poster
Dangers of TETRA:
TETRA info-poster.

Business Card

Shiatsu business card
Local Shiatsu Practitioner
mouseman business card
My own business card
KnotArt business card
The other aspect of my work
Ocean Love business card
Ocean Love


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