what is mouseman?

The name pertains to a nickname we have for my son. I use the name here because it reminds me to remain focused on what’s truly important in this life.
The ‘children’s fire’ needs to be at the centre of our decision-making, i.e. what’s wholly beneficial for children will be wholly beneficial for all of us.

what is ‘100% Green Hosting’green energy logos

I use a host (computers that store the data for my websites) that sources 100% of it’s electricity from renewable energy (solar & wind). So all my websites are hosted and powered by renewable energy. My personal electricity supply is also sourced from a 100% renewable energy company.

what’s your experience?

I have had an interest in computers for my whole life. From my first Sinclair Spectrum 48k to my current Apple Mac Powerbook. I have spent large amounts of time ‘looking under the bonnet’ of PCs and Macs. My first role as technician was during my A levels, where I maintained the Art dept’s suite of PCs. I taught myself web programming during my art degree in Edinburgh and I worked for 3 years as a ACTC (Apple Qualified) Technician in and around Brighton for a AASP (Apple Authorised Service Provider).

I have also been interested in art and design for my whole life. My father was an art teacher and as soon as I could hold a pencil I was drawing. I have skill as an ‘fine artist’ as well as a designer and another aspect of my work is producing artwork for sale (see my online portfolio: http://humanmachine.org.uk )

The third string to my bow is as a wordsmith. I am a poet and writer (see my website: http://spiritlanguage.org.uk ). This means I can help with the wording of your website and I can explain the most technical aspects in simple terms. I find I can bridge the oft disparate worlds of ‘geek’, artist and layman.

why should I work with you?

I am committed to living rightly. I may not be ‘there’ yet but I am doing my best and I am open to input and change. I aim to take on work that ‘has some heart’ and that I believe will be of some benefit to this world. I am friendly, honest and affordable. I will be happy to negotiate terms to are mutually beneficial. I will consider exchanges of time, services, materials and, of course, cash.